Difference between Yams and Sweet Potato

A difference between Yams and Sweet Potato – Do you recognize the difference between a yam and a candy potato? Most grocery stores offer comparable-searching tubers — a few categorized as yams, and a few as candy potatoes.

Could you be surprised if I told you that everyone those times you notion you had been ingesting yams, you have been in all likelihood consuming a sweet potato and that you probably haven’t ever honestly had a true yam? And but yam and candy potato do suggest various things in grocery shops. Here’s the news on those tubers, with recommendations for buying the one you want in the grocery store.

At the same time as tons of the confusion stems from these names getting used interchangeably in u.S. Markets and in recipes, sweet potatoes and yams are definitely wonderful and really special greens.

A yam might be not a yam

Let’s clear up one very vital factor: sweet potatoes are not a sort of yam, and yams aren’t a kind of candy potato. They may be each tuberous root greens that come from a flowering plant, however they’re now not related and actually do not even have plenty in not unusual.

What’s a (real) yam?

Difference between Yams and Sweet Potato


Yams are native to Africa and Asia, with the majority of the crop coming from Africa. They are related to lilies and may be as small as an everyday potato or ridiculously jumbo in length (a few grow five feet long!). Yams have a cylindrical form with blackish or brown, bark-like pores and skin and white, red or reddish flesh.

Compared to candy potatoes, yams are starchier and drier. Authentic yams may be hard to find. They aren’t carried in many neighborhood grocery stores, so your quality possibilities of locating them are in global and specialty markets.

What is a sweet potato?

Difference between Yams and Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

There are many types of sweet potatoes, which come from the morning glory own family. Pores and skin color can variety from white and yellow to crimson, purple and brown, whilst the flesh may be white, yellow, orange or maybe orange-purple. Those veggies have an elongated form with tapered ends.

A few of the numerous forms of sweet potatoes grown in the u.S. There are principal sorts:

  1. Company candy potatoes, which have golden pores and skin and paler flesh.
  2. Smooth sweet potatoes, that have copper pores and skin and orange flesh.
  3. The two sorts of sweet potatoes cook in a different way. After cooking company sweet potatoes nonetheless continue to be firm and a little waxy, whilst the soft range becomes creamy, fluffy, and wet.

What’s the grocery save calling a yam?

So, if authentic yams aren’t very unusual in the United States of America, here’s the massive question: what’s the grocery shop calling a yam? And is there any actual difference among what a grocery shop calls a yam and a sweet potato?

Even though those “yams” aren’t proper yams, there is a distinction between the two, and you can genuinely save smarter by using knowing the difference in those labels.

Paradoxically, whilst you need a conventional baked candy potato, with crisp pores and skin and fluffy orange flesh, or candy potatoes for Thanksgiving candy potato casserole, what you should purchase will be probably categorized yam. Although it’s not a yam. It’s a candy potato. The soft type.

However simply to throw one extra wrinkle into this: grocery stores regularly pass rogue with labeling. We’ve sold “yams” (that are in reality sweet potatoes) that have been certainly categorized as sweet potatoes.

The takeaway: understand what type of sweet potato you need for your recipe, and be alert to the Yam/candy potato labeling idea, however also use your eyes to study the color of the pores and skin and the flesh, if viable.
Right here’s an interesting little history lesson to give an explanation for why there may be so much confusion. As we cited above, there are two types of sweet potatoes — “company” and “smooth.” the company range turned into the primary to be produced within the u.S., so whilst “tender” candy potatoes started out to be produced commercially, there was a want to differentiate it from its firm counterpart.

Because the “smooth” sweet potatoes barely resembled true yams, they picked up the call and have become what you notice categorized as “yams” in maximum u.S. Grocery shops.

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