Dog Urine (pee) Burns the Plants?

You may have noticed whitish parts on the lawns, which appear to have been burned by the urine of dogs, especially females. This is because YES, dog pee burns lawns, shrubs, and other plants. According to Cornell University (USA), this occurs because of substances that exist in the urine. We’ll explain it better here in this article.

Dog Urine Burns the Plants


What causes urine to burn the leaves?

The urine of dogs has a large amount of urea, which is very rich in nitrogen and is an excellent fertilizer for plants. However, the amount of nitrogen in the urine of dogs is too great, which makes them harmful to plants, causing burns that resemble those caused when we put too much fertilizer on the soil. In addition to urea, other urine salts, such as potassium, can generate unwanted effects.

Some think that the urine of dogs burns because of the acidity or alkalinity of pee, but this is not true. There is no relationship between the acidity of urine, but the presence of excess nitrogen. Therefore, it will not do any good to throw vinegar or baking soda into the affected area.


Does female urine do more harm to the grass?

Is not true. Usually what burns the grass is the urine of bitches, but this is because females tend to urinate everything they have in the bladder at a single point on the lawn, which makes the concentration even greater at that point. Male dogs usually raise their legs at several different points, putting a little urine in each corner to mark their territory. In the case of males, the most disadvantaged are usually the small shrubs, which can get burned.


What to do to minimize the problem in the area?

If you throw enough water in the place, excess nitrogen will dissolve, making urine beneficial to plant growth. Other than that, the important thing is to leave a dedicated area and try to educate so that your pet happens to piss in the right place.

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