How and When is Corn Ready to Pick?

When are corn ears ripe? Many times they ask me what is the optimum time to harvest the corn and in today’s article we are going to see the two key moments to harvest the corn, the third moment would be to obtain its seed and we will see it later. So once we have planted our corn and we have had some care and good irrigation avoiding the most common pests and diseases, the most desired and expected time of the harvest arrives.

when is corn ready to pick



Depending on a little so that we are going to consume the corn we must harvest it at one time or another, the simplest and most visual is when the corn cob is fully ripe, the leaves of the fruit are drier and the grain is totally hard, this first The way of harvesting is normally used to use the grain, either to prepare flours or if we sow the corn variety for popcorn, we can harvest it for this purpose.



If we want to consume fresh and tender we should do as with other garden vegetables and harvest it immature and milky, although it seems difficult with certain guidelines that I will give, you will see how easy it is not to make mistakes.

  1. The first way we can make sure that the corn is ready is to observe the corn husks that should start to brown and dry and if we touch them we will feel them as hard and may even break. Unlike an ear that is not yet completely ready to be green or turning reddish, soft and moist.
  2. Touching the ear checking its texture and hardness, if it is too mature we will notice the ear very hard, however at the optimum time of harvest the ear is a little more fluffy and it feels a lot to the touch.
  3. To learn and know when to harvest it we can also open the ear on the stem as we showed in the video, although this is not always the most appropriate for possible attacks by birds or larvae if it is good for us to learn.
  4. 4. – Break the grains with the nail means that the grain is not fully ripe, which is one more test we can do, in addition to breaking the grain will release as a milky substance.



Harvesting is simple, for this we grab the ear with one hand and with the other we hold the stem and pull down, once down, we give a small turn with the hand and ready, we have harvested! If possible it is advisable to harvest the corn in the morning.

If you have never tasted the sweet corn in your garden, I recommend you do it, it is a dish that is great to accompany or to eat on the grill and with these tips, you can harvest it at the most optimal time for it.

Once harvested, keep the cob in the refrigerator until it is consumed, more or less in three days and if you see that you are not going to consume it, you can freeze them, although as they are richer they are freshly grilled!

When the ear is ripe and ready to harvest, it is the moment when the amount of sugar is higher if we leave it on the stem without harvesting the ear, this sweetness is lost since the sugar turns into starch. I leave you with the video and the steps to know when and how it is harvested.

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