How to Cut a Melon into Squares

How to Cut a Melon into Squares –┬áThe flavor and sweet aroma of fresh melon furnishes a bowl of refreshing fruit, served alone or as part of a fruit salad. These melons are available in markets or grocers and the best are fragrant, possessing shells spotless. Cut them into small squares makes easy to eat and serve. It also makes them suitable for use in fruit salads or to serve on sticks as an appetizer.

How to Cut a Melon into Squares


How to Cut a Melon into Squares


  1. Fill a clean sink with 10 or 15 cm of warm water. Add one or two jets of detergent and wash in soapy liquid melon. Rinse it thoroughly in clean water.
  2. Place the melon on the cutting board. Leave it in half with a sharp knife.
  3. Remove seeds and pulp from the center of the melon with a spoon and throw them out.
  4. Cut the halves in half again so that you have four pieces of melon. Place each room on board to peel down.
  5. Slice the fruit room vertically without cutting the skin. Cut slices of 2 cm.
  6. Cut through the melon horizontally, spacing the slices into 2 cm. Not penetrate the shell while cutting. The sliced fruit must remember a grid.
  7. Pass the knife between the shell and the fruit, separating the square melon. Repeat on each melon room until all the fruit is cut into squares. Play the bark off.

Tips & Warnings

Store melon in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days.

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