How to Cut Star Fruit Easily

How to Cut Star Fruit – The star fruit is one of the strangest fruit. carambola is called because of its distinctive shape, which resembles a star. It is golden yellow and soft to touch. They are decorative and can be cut into slices with a star shape to decorate salads or fruit.

How to Cut Star Fruit


How to Cut Star Fruit Easily


  1. Wash the fruit in cold water and still get all the dirt.
  2. Cut the fruit in width, for small strips in the star shape.
  3. You can add stars to salads, bowls of fruit, or just eat them as they are!


  • You may want to wash your hands after cutting, so you do not bite your eyes if you touch it.
  • This fruit is excellent to eat with strawberries and sugar, placed in dessert bowls, let it look elegant, even for a family dinner!
  • If you want to sweeten or improve flavor, sprinkle the fruit with a little salt (yes, salt and sugar). Such as corn, which will highlight the flavor of the fruit and become sweeter.
  • You can put the stars on almost any dish and give a fun touch to the food!

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