How to Eat a Kiwi Fruit

How to Eat a Kiwi Fruit – Known not only for its beauty and its green color but also by a peculiar taste, the kiwi the advantages outweigh the garnish in fruit salads we eat traditional desserts. Of Chinese origin, this fruit is an excellent source of potassium and can bring many health benefits, naturally and very tasty!

Source of fiber and protein, the kiwi has a giant nutritional value as well as being a fruit with low calories, it makes it effective also for people who wish to lose weight. Another advantage of this food is that it is naturally organic and is in the list of fruits that most resistant to many of pesticide residues.

How to Eat a Kiwi

“The kiwi helps in immunity, it is good for vision, aids in the proper functioning of the intestine and has a low glycemic index. In addition to being great for the skin, control blood pressure and aid in digestion,” says the nutritionist Fernanda Bortolon.

A curiosity about the kiwi is that once matured, it should be kept away from other fruits, even in the refrigerator or freezer as it is very sensitive to ethylene gas emitted by these and other fruits can ripen too much. See below five simple ways to consume kiwi in their day to day, taking advantage of its benefits!


Different options for the daily consumption of kiwi

1- Eat in a shell: Like an apple, peel the kiwi is full of vitamin C, which boosts immunity and reduces stress, also benefiting the skin and contributes to fat burning.

2- Cut the middle of the fruit and eat spoon: Easily separated from the shell, making the practical way of eating.

3 Peel the fruit and cut into slices: If you prefer to eat fruit without a home, a great alternative is to add flaxseed, chia or some other cereal of your choice.

4 Making juice or smoothie: A liquid form is also a great option. Then, just use your creativity and add fruit and/or leaves (spinach, kale, mint …) that please you, making this the most complete and nutritious drink.

5- Make jelly: Popular in New Zealand, the kiwi jelly emphasizes its flavor and makes the most sophisticated consumer. You need some kiwis, mason jar and lemon juice, pineapple or apple, varies according to your taste. You can create your recipe and try other flavors.

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