How to Get Rid of Caterpillars on Trees

How to get rid of caterpillars on trees

How to Get Rid of Caterpillars on Trees

When the caterpillars attack a bush, a plant and a tree, it quickly becomes in poor condition! The problem is that the caterpillar is multiplying at a crazy speed. Then the plants have no chance! Act before your tree gets sick or supplements ate. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Burn the nests when they are visible, all eggs must be destroyed before hatching. -Set up pheromone traps. These traps will help you capture the breeding butterflies.
  • Prune the affected parts of your plants, bushes, and trees.
  • The Nets to protect the crops are very effective, but make sure that there are not already caterpillars before putting these insect nets in place.
  • You can manually remove as many caterpillars as possible if you have the courage, this step must be done at nightfall when the caterpillars come out of their nest.
  • Birds are good predators, have a birdhouse or a sparrow hut near the shrub where the caterpillars settle each year.
  • Leave the cobwebs in place, do not chase the spiders, they are also good predators.
  • Hedgehogs, toads, bedbugs, and LACEWINGSS are also good predators.
  • Test the soapy water recipe from the video at the bottom of this article.
  • In the case of infestation, you will need to use a rotenone or Bacillus Thuringiensis biological anti-caterpillar treatment.

You will find these products in the gardening centers. A product that you will have to spray in dry and wind-free weather. It is better to do it in the evenings. The sun could fry the foliage because of the product. A simple water recipe.

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