How to Grow Bok Choy

How to Grow Bok Choy – Bok choy, also called Chinese cabbage or pak choi, is a fresh vegetable time closely related to common cabbage. It has deep, bright green leaves that form a dense, white set focused on maturity. Bok choy can be served fresh or added to cooked dishes. It lives in full sun or half shade and soil rich in nutrients, with good drainage. Sow the seeds directly into the garden as soon as the frost danger has passed. This allows the vegetables to reach maturity before the arrival of summer heat.

How to Grow Bok Choy


How to Grow Bok Choy

Things you need

  • Garden Fork or Helm
  • Fertilizer
  • Garden Spade
  • Straw
  • Knife

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  1. Use a garden fork or rudder to loosen soil 8 to 12 inches deep. Discard large rocks and pieces of vegetation.
  2. Mix 10-10-10 fertilizer with the soil loose, at a rate of 3 lbs. for every 100 square meters of planting space.
  3. Use a garden spade to create the desired number of lines. Leave a space of 18 to 30 centimeters between each line.
  4. Plant the bok choy seeds 1/4 inch deep and water until the soil feels slightly moist.
  5. Continue the water slightly when the top 1/2 inch of soil dries.
  6. Thin the seedlings when they are 2 to 3 inches tall. Leave a space of 6 to 12 inches between each plant.
  7. Place 2 inches of mulch around bok choy plants. Remove all the weeds that emerge through the mulch by scraping over them with the side of a garden spade.
  8. Harvest the mature vegetables by first removing all the damaged leaves on the outside of each head. Use a sharp knife to cut the bok choy to ground level.

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