How to Grow Cashews (Step by Step)

How to Grow Cashews – Cashew is extremely popular in more people because there they have the ideal conditions for planting, which is very good!

Cashew is very nutritious and has gained fame with each passing day due to its high content in proteins, minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron and many others.

It is because of this that we decided to make a post to teach how to plant Cashew because many people want to have their own cashew tree at home but do not know how to do it.

As the fruit has become increasingly expensive in the local markets it is important to have our own plantation, so we go there when we want and we have a Cashew source almost inexhaustible and practically for free.

This will be a step-by-step tutorial with several images showing the entire planting process if you do not notice some of the steps will also be able to see a help video that will be very useful for this whole process.

It will all be very practical, hope you like it! No more delays start reading and making your experience to have a small cashew tree as soon as possible!🙂


Cashew Information

As mentioned above Cashew has several medicinal powers.

We have already referenced most of them so we will not expand this topic very much.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that he likes tropical climates, extremely hot and that if you have that kind of climate where you live he will develop beautifully.

It grows so much that it will require a lot of space, it is not recommended to plant in an apartment unless it has enough space for its growth.

How to plant Cashew

We will show the plantation through 3 cashews bought at the fair, preferably fresh.

First step: Buy 3 cashews and peel

How to Grow Cashews 2

As you can see in the image above, these are the same ones.

After the buy you will need to remove the chestnut from it, cut around the fruit and remove the interior without damaging it, otherwise, you will not get any plants.

After this, you will have to arrange 3 containers with earth. The mixture I recommend is some very fertile soil and some fertilizer.

If you do not have any type of fertilizer you can even use ashes from the fire, it will work perfectly, this tip is worth gold!

Step two: Plant the nuts removed from the fruit

How to Grow Cashews 1

As you can see in the picture above you will have to put the seeds in the containers and cover with about 1MM of soil.

Remember to put with the side facing cashew, so your growth will be more natural and spontaneous. If you can not identify the top and bottom, see the tail that comes out of the seed.

Step Three: Water with plenty and wait

After doing all these steps above you have 3 cashews ready to sprout!

But like any plant in the world, it needs water, so even at the end of this process water with plenty of water, as you can see in the image below.

The hardest part is already done!

Now you have to wait between 1 to 2 weeks for the results to start appearing.

Step Four: Wait and Analyze

Now is the part where you feel like seeing the seed every day! What you will need to do is extremely simple, just go analyzing every day and check the growth of your plant.

At the end of a week, you will be able to verify that some roots of the chestnut already begin to leave, this is a positive point because it is a sign that it is sprouting and is healthy.

You can check, in the image below, how you start staying after 1 week of being planted.

Wait, and wait and wait for more … And always go analyzing!

After about 2 to 4 weeks you will be able to check a kind of green “root” emerging from inside the chestnut when it is so the fruit is healthy.

Here is an example:

How to Grow Cashews

s you can see through the image above, that part outside, a kind of bark, goes out gradually and will eventually fall.

When this happens, do not worry, it is normal! It is part of the growth and development of cashew, from sowing to planting we are going to face several stages of growth, this is one of them.

Step Five: Change pot

How to Grow Cashews 3 

This step happens when the fruit begins to get too large for the tiny containers in which you put them.

When this happens you will have to fill a large pot with soil (the same soil you used for the small containers) and carefully remove the cashew from the small container (remove type cake, do not start, remove it with all the soil together) and plant in the large vase.

After the transplant is finished the cashew will develop in a simply sensational way!

It will grow rapidly and will get a result similar to the one above.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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