How to Grow Lettuce Indoors

How to Grow Lettuce Indoors – When I started my mini garden, plant lettuce was my priority. I love lettuce and was one of my regular grocery shopping, but could never use it all before they spoil, which resulted in a huge waste. When planting lettuce on the porch, I can harvest only the leaves that need while the rest continues to grow. We are just waste and can eat more fresh and tasty lettuce.

Planting lettuce at home is very easy and requires little care.

How to Grow Lettuce Indoors


Choosing the type of lettuce

Choosing the type of lettuce planting is very important. In general, there are two large groups of lettuce, the plain sheet, and beaded sheet.

  • Smooth leaf lettuce – is that I have on my balcony. The advantage of this lettuce is that you can harvest only the leaves that need.
  • Beaded Leaf Lettuce – is the most common in supermarkets, but must be picked up all at once, cutting the stem. For this reason, I do not consider ideal for those who want to plant lettuce only for their own consumption.

Within these two groups, there are lots of different varieties. These differ in appearance, flavor, heat resistance and other conditions. The ideal is to read the back of seed packets and choose the one that best adapts to the climate of the place where we live. There are red lettuce, lettuces that are more resistant to heat and so can withstand more easily the summer, etc. It is a matter of taste, the ideal is to go experimenting and see what we like most.


Sow lettuce

Although you can buy lettuce seedlings (lettuce small but large enough to go to the land), I prefer to plant lettuce by seed. It is more economical and is very easy.

First, you must choose the type of seed to use. This time opted for this, which are only toilet paper rolls cut in half and placed in a box which usually come strawberries.

Choose the seeds and place one on each roll. These bought on eBay and are a mix of smooth leaf lettuce. In seed packets bought in garden, shops are there indicated the depth to which should put the seed. In this case, I placed only a little above the substrate. You can put two seeds in each roll, in case some do not sprout, but if the two germinate, should take a plant for the main have room to grow. With the habit of planting lettuce, it is also easy to realize the quality of seeds.

Sprinkle the land until slightly moistened (careful not to drown the seeds), cover with clear plastic kitchen and go! It should make a hole in the plastic into the air can circulate, while maintaining the moisture.


Lettuce Plant Potted

Lettuce seedlings should be placed in pots on the balcony (or local sun) when they are between 4-6 true leaves. The first two leaves that are born are called “false leaves” and do not yet have the final sheet aspect, so this pair of leaves does not count.
Lettuces do not like being transplanted, so it takes some care at the time to put in the vase. You should try not to touch the root and leave the land to protect it.

  • Vase – you need not be too deep because the lettuce has short roots. 20 cm is already enough to plant lettuce, but with 30 cm is better.
  • Sun – The lettuces like the sun, but during the summer dispense the direct sun for a long time. The ideal is to keep them in partial shade or where they are subject to the morning sun. If only we get the afternoon sun no problem, but we should have more attention to watering.
  • Watering – They like moist soil, but not soggy. Never water in times of heat. Preferably water in the morning.
  • Harvest – can begin to take the first leaves about a month after planting, but varies depending on the weather. Not harvest at the time of heat, because the leaves are wilted.

These are my lettuce with about 1 week!
I usually sow new lettuces of 6 in 6 weeks to always have fresh lettuce, but will depend on the consumption of each!

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