How to Grow Orchids from Seeds

How to Grow Orchids from Seeds – Orchid flowers are few indifferent people – they are diverse, bright, beautiful, surprisingly interesting by their colors. Buy a flower in the store and multiply it, everyone can, but someone knows that reproduction of orchids is possible. That is, if you wish, you can plant your beauty in bloom and watch it grow.

How to Grow Orchids from Seeds


Cultivation of ordinary seed or miracle orchids

If you intend to create these colors, then you will certainly be interested to know that this process is quite complicated. Some recommendations that will help you translate your desires into life and master the creation of seed orchids:

  1. Trust, but check. This rule is worth considering when buying seeds, which are offered by many stores, including online stores. Some of them do not even know the seeds of orchids. They are so small that they can hardly be compared to a grain of wheat, which is 15,000 times more. This is one of the factors that contribute to the fact that the seeds are obtained exclusively in the laboratory, so those who buy the seeds in a verified place will receive good seedlings.
  2. The seeds are not protected by the endosperm, so it is easy to be vulnerable. To prevent pathogenic microorganisms from destroying them, sterility is necessary. If you do not already have a personal laboratory, then you can use a simple jar of baby food, pre-sterilized in the oven.
  3. The earth for this whimsical flower should also be special – contain agar-agar, organic and inorganic. The ideal option – buy a nutritious medium ready and sterilize it at home, for example in a pressure cooker. You should get a jelly that can grow a seed of an orchid.
  4. Sowing orchid seeds is a troublesome business. Close the bottle tightly closed, you need to wait for 9 months. The bud is transplanted into a permanent pot after 2-3 years.

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