How to Harvest Leaf Lettuce

How to Harvest Leaf Lettuce – When the soil is warmed up, the lettuce to be cut germinates very quickly and grows in a few weeks. Harvesting takes place as and when needed, new leaves appear constantly.

Material: hoe

Knife watering can with apple produces antilimaces Tip: If you have sown too much lettuce to cut, to prevent the unharvested leaves from hardening, cut them even if you do not use them, so as to leave come new, softer leaves. Good to know: Young lettuce leaves are appreciated by slugs and snails. Spray an antilimace product (granules or gel) on either side of the row, or place a saucer filled with beer in which the gastropods will drown.

How to Harvest Leaf Lettuce


Harvest according to your needs

Lettuce to cut does not form apple and produces leaves more or less cut or curled according to the varieties. It is harvested like spinach, taking from each foot the number of leaves needed.


Biner to aerate the soil

It is also advisable to break the surface crust of the land formed by rainwater and watering so as to ventilate the basement. For this use a hoe. It will also serve to eliminate weeds.


Take the leaves around the foot

Cut these leaves with a knife, 1 to 2 cm above the ground. It is best to take them around the perimeter of the foot, if necessary on several feet, rather than picking up leaf just a bit anywhere.


Water regularly

The arrival of new leaves is then easier. Several harvests can be made successively. For this purpose, it is sufficient to water the row regularly in fine rain so that the water penetrates better into the soil up to the roots.

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