How to Instantly Ripen an Avocado

How to Instantly Ripen an Avocado – Just as there are some ideal tricks to ripen the avocados on the same day, there are others that can alter the original flavor somewhat at the time of accelerating the process.

Avocado is one of the most delicious and healthy fruits that we can regularly incorporate to the diet.

Most people visually distinguish two varieties, but in reality, it is estimated that there are about 900 different.

The most popular are the small “Hass”, which is used in preparing the guacamole, and the “strong” avocado, which usually accompanies various types of dishes.

At a general level, people like it because it has a smooth and creamy texture and a particular flavor that combines very well with other foods.

Moreover, from the point of view nutritional is one of the most comprehensive and energetic foods given its essential fatty acid content, proteins, and antioxidant substances.

The drawback that many people find is that it is difficult to know when the fruit has achieved its proper degree of maturation and is ready for consumption.

Most sell them when they’re still a little short to be in perfect condition, so it’s good to know some methods to accelerate this process.

The following we want to share a way to ripen it in a matter of minutes and other tricks to do it in about two days.

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How to Instantly Ripen an Avocado

How to Instantly Ripen an Avocado

How to ripen an avocado in the microwave

The normal ripening of avocado can take several days, depending on how green it was when it was cut.

However, if you need it quickly, you can try this method with the microwave that will leave it soft in a matter of minutes.

Before you begin, you must take into account that this technique can alter the natural flavor of the fruit. However, it will continue to be ideal for making guacamole, salads, beats and other recipes.

The method

  • Take a fork and pierce the avocado several times across the side.
  • Place it in a dish with a napkin or a plastic lid to prevent it from exploding when being placed in the microwave.
  • Program 30 seconds and, if still not soft enough, put 30 more.
  • Wait for it to cool down a bit and cut as usual.


How to mature the avocado with aluminum foil

With the help of a little aluminum foil, we can also accelerate the ripening of the avocado in just a few minutes.

In this case, we will not use the microwave, but we can put it on a tray and take it to the oven with temperature of 200 º C.

The method

  • Take a good amount of aluminum foil and make sure to cover the avocado altogether.
  • Put it on the tray and take it to the oven for 10 minutes.
  • Wait until it is completely cool, remove the paper and use it as you wish.


How to mature the avocado with a paper bag

A bag of Kraft paper or cardboard serves to accelerate the ripening of the avocado by holding the ethylene gas.

It is a method that takes longer than the previous ones, but it has the advantage of conserving the flavor and all the properties of the fruit.

The method

  • Place the avocado inside a paper bag that has no holes.
  • Add an apple or a mature tomato to increase the production of ethylene gas.
  • Close the bag and keep it at a temperature between 18 and 24 º C.
  • In a few days, he’ll be ready for consumption.


How to mature a sliced avocado

If you had the bad luck to cut an avocado that is still green, don’t forget to put this trick into practice before the pulp becomes brown.

The method

  • Before wrapping it grab a bit of lemon juice and spread over the pulp.
  • Add the cut halves, leave the seed in and wrap it with transparent plastic, as if it were an entire avocado.
  • Place it in the refrigerator until it reaches the desired degree of maturation.


How to mature the avocado with newspaper

Despite being one of the oldest techniques, this hint remains in force in many homes.

The method

  • Wrap the green avocado on a newspaper paper sheet and place it in a warm place like, for example, the oven with the fire extinguisher.
  • Leave him there for two days or until he notices it’s soft.
  • Now you know how you can accelerate the maturing of your avocados when you buy them even green and want to consume them as soon as possible.

Choose the method that most draw your attention and follow the step-by-step instructions to get good results. Good Luck !!!

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