How to Open and Eat a Coconut

How to Open and Eat a Coconut – Coconuts evoke tropical locations and moments of relaxation on the beach with a fruit drink in their hands. Many stores sell fresh coconut as an alternative to shredded coconut or coconut water. The main drawback of fresh fruit is that you need to break it to drain the water before shaving the pulp. With proper technique, you can enjoy a fresh coconut with little or no effort.

How to Open and Eat a Coconut


How to Open and Eat a Coconut


  1. Place the coconut in the bowl and locate the three “eyes” at the end of the Drill them with the blade of the scissors fruit. The coconut water will be drained into the bowl.
  2. Turn down the coconut and drain the water in a glass to consume immediately or store it in the refrigerator.
  3. Tap the side of coconut with the back of a large kitchen knife, then rotate it 90 degrees and repeat the process. Avoid using the sharp edge of the knife, which can get stuck in the bark.
  4. Continue turning and hitting the coconut until it split, divided into two parts.
  5. Scrape the fruit inside with a smaller knife, separating the pulp from the peel. You can try to cut much of the coconut meat once or remove small chips or pieces.
  6. Cut coconut flesh into small pieces to eat them right away, add them to fruit salads or drinks or tower them to intensify the flavor of coconut in a dessert. The rind is not edible.

Tips & Warnings

Fresh coconut water should smell and taste sweet. A sour or musty smell indicates that both the water and the coconut should be discarded.

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