How To Remove Snails from the Garden or Vegetable Garden

How To Remove Snails from the Garden or Vegetable Garden – If you have snails and/or slugs that are flooding your garden or vegetable garden, you have a problem: these animals are a real plague. To eliminate and undo definitely the snails should follow the following steps. The snail is born and reproduces in humid areas with a lot of low vegetation; the ideal places to reproduce are usually next to walls or walls of stones, places where the humidity is better preserved. Then on a How we are going to give you some tips so you know how to eliminate the snails from the garden or vegetable garden.

How To Remove Snails from the Garden or Vegetable Garden


How To Remove Snails from the Garden or Vegetable Garden

Steps to follow:

  1. Find out what the snail predators are and place them to live in your garden or vegetable garden. One way to fend off snails is to cheer up other garden creatures who like to eat snails.
    These include frogs and frogs, turtles, snakes, and lizards, as well as most birds (especially the red-breasted plover). Ducks and chickens also eat snails and slugs, and in reality are very nutritious for them.
  2. Catching plant snails is a very effective way to permanently eliminate snails from the garden or vegetable garden, it’s a rather boring task but the result is great. The best time to do this is early morning or late at night as it is when they are most active.
    A quicker way to pick up the snails is to put ceramic vases facing down into the garden and leave overnight. The snails gather beneath them, and so in the morning, you will be able to catch many snails at one go.
  3. Snails love beer; if we put a container full of beer next to our garden and plants, the slugs will go to the container with beer and will drown in it. This method is not very recommendable because the snails will die, but it is a definitive method. One way to protect beer from the rain is to put a tile on top.
  4. Another good way to get rid of snails is to attract them (and slugs too) away from your plants, using dog or cat feed. What you should do is:
    Put some cat or dog food near the garden and/or garden; the snails will go there and there you will be able to catch them much better.
  5. Another method to eliminate snails from our garden is to throw ashes and eggs through the garden, snails do not like these two products and are ideal to prevent them from approaching where we do not want. Basically, the idea is that they do not like to walk on these surfaces and move away from the area we want.
  6. Fertilizers and pesticides based on Metaldehyde. Be careful with these products as they can be very toxic. We recommend using the grain version so the snail can eat the food more easily – but be careful, read the label and follow the directions for use.
  7. The mint or sage are very good to remove the snails from our garden and vegetable garden. If we do not want to plant, what we can do is to use these products as fertilizer and it seems that this moves the snails away; it is also good advice because it acts as a natural fertilizer.


  • Adult snails lay many eggs on the damp ground, under rocks or containers or in the garden debris. The eggs break in 2 or 4 weeks. Snails take 2 years to reach maturity.

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