How to Start Planting and When to Plant Iris Bulbs?

How to Start Planting and When to Plant Iris Bulbs – There is nothing like a spring garden filled with irises. Many of them have perfumes, and they come in a variety of subtle, bright, and mixed colors. The iris varieties all fall under the Iridaceae family group. You can plant Dutch iris bulbs in your home garden. Prepare the soil to make sure you have good drainage.

When to Plant Iris Bulbs


How to Start Planting and When to Plant Iris Bulbs


  1. Determine where you will plant your irises. The ideal location is where they can grow for years to come. Some people like big beds, while others tuck some Dutch bulbs here and there. Choose a sunny spot, and locate the precise space to prepare the soil.
  2. Turn the ground with a shovel, spade, fork or, if it is a large surface, a tiller. Remove all weeds and invasive grass. Dig down about 1 foot so that you loosen the soil well. Chop the lumps with your garden tools. You want to work with loose soil.
  3. Add compost or small chips of bark, especially if your soil has a clay content. Avoid manure. To mix everything. Add the bone meal and fertilizer as per the box’s instructions, and spread in. The floor should be light and loose, and it needs to drain easily. Once the floor is ready, rake in a poorly organized bed or section. Sprinkle lightly and leave bed rest for about a week or two. If you see weeds or grass trying to grow, take them out.
  4. Plant your Dutch iris bulbs about 3 to 6 inches apart, at a depth of about 4 inches. Plant the pointed part of the bulb upwards. Fill the hole and tamp the ground down.
  5. Water the irises well. Do not let the roots dry out, but do not over water either. The soil must drain a little quicker, without puddling. In a week or two, you will start to see the first signs of leaves appear. Allow plants to grow, and feed on nutrients periodically throughout the year.


Tips and Warnings

A good time to plant bulbs is in the fall so that they can winter more and be ready for spring.
Learn the differences between bulbs and rhizomes (where you will find the majority of irises).

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