How to Stop Bananas from Ripening

How to Stop Bananas from Ripening – Don’t be afraid, you’re the one who chooses, it can last up to 15 days, or get good in 24 hours!

The banana really is all good. In addition to being one of the most consumed fruits in the world, it has properties necessary to the body, such as potassium, vitamins of the B complex (especially B6 – the pumped pyre), magnesium, fibers, and protease. Through studies, t was also discovered that if ingested frequently, improves cardiac function, controls blood pressure, vision, digestion, kidney function and bone mass.

Did you know that if you put the banana in the fridge, it gets faster? The reason is because of an enzyme that makes a few reactions and ends up being that way. Nobody likes to eat a banana in this state, do they? But know that in warm places, like Brazil, keep it refrigerated, allows it to be more tight than exposed at ambient temperature. But there are tricks to keep hopscotch the most practical, hygienic and quality food of the single menu.

how to stop bananas from ripening

Banana trick in the fridge

First of all: if you buy the banana still green, do not put in the refrigerator, it may impair the maturation of it, as it needs ambient temperature (heat) for that.

If they are already ripe: put them in a plastic bag, in the vegetable drawer and just leave out those bananas that will consume within three days, let the others quietly take away the sleep of beauty.

Hint: The banana in the refrigerator, even with the dark peel, is good for consumption, it stays even more sweetie, for being very mature.


Forced ripening trick

It’s like Captain Nascimento…

Try to buy the banana more for green, otherwise it may spoil before it consumes, control the maturation of it.

If you want to provoke a faster maturation in the banana, in your fruit bowl place another mature fruit (apple, pear, tomato, peaches, melons or bananas) with the green banana, the ethylene produced by the more “old fruits” makes the process of maturing bananas faster. You can do this with a single banana, placing it in contact with other fruits within a bag (it takes about 24h). If you want them not to be “ready” soon, just leave them separated from the rest.


Cut-off trick

As soon as I get home, cut the bananas at the base of the beak, leaving a piece of the fruit, more or less inches. This cut, after 24h, will dry up, avoiding the emergence of the Mosquitinhos annoying.

There’s another method that I found more complicated:

how to stop bananas from ripening

Instead of cutting the stems, on this suggestion you have to wrap the banana crown with plastic film (look the worn), every time you catch one, you have to wrap the remainder again (look at laziness).

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