How to Store Bell Peppers

How to Store Bell Peppers – In this post I will tell you how to save Bell peppers, as recently wrote an article which mentioned that he had made a large purchase of peppers that were being sold to the Royal 4 kg, generally the costs 15.00 Kg Real … But peppers are highly perishable and freeze them is not obvious, because it requires special care so that it is not all ‘treacle’ later and with bad taste.

Here is the step by step to save Bell peppers and this step by step also serve to Bell peppers!

How to Store Bell Peppers


1 – Wash the Bell peppers, remove the green part of the top and all the seeds.

You need to wash well as if it immediately used the Bell peppers, remove all the seeds and even one more bright white inside for it is that it gives a more bitter taste in chili and that’s why we discard the membrane.


2 – To conserve Bell peppers it is necessary to freeze – in a special way.

This is the most important part because this is the step that determines whether our Bell peppers will be preserved or not, so pay attention:

Freeze your chili strategically already thinking about the recipes you do with them if need cubes slice the finest bell Bell pepper if you will make a caponata and use ‘bands’ chili leave it thicker …

Time to put on the board (which should be covered with foil or parchment paper) slices cannot touch each other, but go ‘Melar’ then give a reliable space between a slice and another.

Place in the freezer and wait until they are completely frozen slices.


3 – Transfer the Bell peppers to a bag or pot.

Once your Bell peppers freeze you can download them from the board for a clean plastic bag or a container.

Here again is another important tip: Place the Bell peppers in small portions so that you only defrost what you will use in the day and not the rest, so the bags are the best option.

Now your chili will hold up to 2 months after freezing if you are somewhat forgotten (the) place a piece of paper with the date of freezing.


4 – To use the Bell peppers

Remove from the freezer the portion you will need and choose the way that suits you:

1 – End of poking your Bell peppers with them still frozen – your fingers will be frozen and you will need a serrinha knife or a sharp and if you do not have much skill with knives and cutting often this is definitely not the best option because the frozen Bell peppers can leave their slightly numb fingers – which is not good when you’re with a sharp knife in his hands!

2 – Remove the Bell peppers 15 minutes before using them and let them thaw naturally. – On hot days they can thaw even faster.

3 – Wash them with a little running water at room temperature – this will soften a bit and help thaw faster.

Then just from pro embrace and enjoy your Bell peppers!

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