Is a Potato a Vegetable or Fruit?

Is a Potato a Vegetable or Fruit?

fruit or vegetable? Potato is a tuber.

Is a Potato a Vegetable or Fruit.

The potato (Solanum tuberosum scientific name) is a species of the Solanaceae family, native to South America and cultivated throughout the world for its edible tubers. Domesticated in the Andean highlands by its inhabitants 7000 years, it was brought to Europe by Spanish conquistadors more like a botanical curiosity than as a food factory. Over time consumption has been growing worldwide and expanded cultivation to position itself as an important for humans.
This remains the staple food of millions of people, a culinary delight in many parts of the world they have created dozens of dishes that have a protagonist and also study represents a real challenge for scientists of various disciplines that attempt to elucidate its origin, genetics, and physiology. Also, at the bottom of the field of technology, including a large number of non – conventional applications for the tuber, since the cosmetic and higher alcohol newsprint.


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