Peeling Cucumbers or Not, Which one is Better?

Peeling or not peeling cucumbers, here’s the question. Most of the nutrients in the cucumber are found in the bark, so a good portion of its benefits are lost when it is peeled. On the other hand, it is on the bark of it that there are also chemicals, pesticides, and wax. Consider these factors when deciding whether or not you should peel the cucumbers.

Peeling Cucumbers or Not


Nutrients Found in Cucumber Peel

The dark green bark of the cucumber is filled with important nutrients such as vitamin A which is a powerful nutrient for sight and is beneficial in keeping your eyes and skin hydrated. In addition, it is rich in fiber, which helps in digestion and prevents colon cancer. The cucumber peel is also rich in potassium, magnesium, and silica. In fact, without it, the cucumber is almost all water. Cucumbers are usually eaten raw so that their nutrients do not get lost during cooking, and can be easily chopped or chopped into the bark. They can even be squeezed and mixed with the bark intact.



Many fruits and vegetables, including cucumbers, are polished with wax before being displayed in the supermarket. It is used to give the product a shiny and attractive appearance. In addition, as cucumbers are brittle and susceptible to bruising, wax protects them during transportation. It can be made from various sources, either through an animal, plant, insect or oil, and may even contain allergens, such as milk casein. And it is not removed when the cucumber is washed, so try to buy those that are not waxed when available. You can peel the cucumber if you want to avoid using wax.


Pesticides and chemical products

The US Department of Agriculture collects data on the use of pesticides in each crop. In the case of cucumbers, up to 35 different types of pesticide residues were found in their shell. Of these, nine are suspected of causing cancer, 25 are suspected of interfering with the production of body hormones, 12 affect nerve cells and nine would be toxins that affect development and reproduction. This information alone is enough to make many people want to peel cucumbers, as that is the only way to reduce the risk of pesticide use in treated products.


Organic cucumbers

Buying organic cucumbers is the only way you have to leave your cucumbers with the peel. You will be able to benefit from all the nutrients contained in it, without consuming harmful chemicals and pesticides. Look for cucumbers grown locally or that have an organic certificate.

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