Tips to Make Fruits and Vegetables More Appealing to Children

Tips to Make Fruits and Vegetables More Appealing to Children – Take the children shopping, ask for help in the execution of the dishes and offer variety of food. See other boss tips
Does your child eat vegetables, fruits and vegetables during meals? It can be a challenge for some families, but maintaining a healthy eating routine and introducing these foods into the lives of the young is extremely important for their development.

tips to make fruits and vegetables more appealing to children

Thinking about how to help parents, former MasterChef Brazil Nuno Codeço lists five tips on how to make fruits and vegetables more attractive to the little ones. Check out:


Ask for help in the kitchen

“It is very important to ask the child for help while we are cooking,” says Nuno. By participating in the execution of the dishes, it creates even more curiosity to experience what they helped prepare. “They can help with adult supervision by picking up the vegetables in the refrigerator or the ingredients in the cabinet and washing fruits and vegetables,” suggests the chef.


Offer variety

“We should have at least three different food choices,” explains Nuno. So if the child says he does not like an apple, for example, you can dribble it and offer other fruits. “The important thing is to have an alternative up the sleeve.”


Eating with family

As children learn by observing and repeating the gestures of adults, eating with the whole family together can be one of the ways to encourage and introduce a healthier diet into the routine of children. “Then put a nice and attractive table with a colorful plate for the child and the family,” he suggests.


Take the child shopping

Kids love to walk around and try things. How about enjoying this and going to the market or the fair with the little ones and asking for help choosing fruits and vegetables? “See what vegetables and fruits they like best and encourage them to choose these foods.”


Bet non-visual

Cutting fruits and vegetables into different shapes, assembling the dishes with playful shapes can be a way out. “It’s possible to fer a clown with a little rice, make eyes with tomatoes, hair with broccoli and mouth with carrot,” suggests Nuno. For him, it is interesting to create a story about the food used.

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