What is Best Time to Water Grass

Best Time to Water Grass – A reason for people not to use grass rugs when making a new lawn is the intense watering routine needed. And to make sure, you need to be very attentive about the amount of water the new grass receives for many weeks after placing the carpets. If you can maintain the necessary level, the grass will be ready for use much faster than seed cultivated.

What is Best Time to Water Grass

Watering time period

Your new grass will need water as soon as it is placed on the ground, and you should continue irrigating regularly for a month or more. For starters, drizzle the grass every two or three days. Keep this routine for one to three weeks, before you decrease the frequency to one or twice a week, usually every four to seven days. Wait until the grass has rooted well in the soil before changing irrigation. Keep in mind that during very hot seasons, the grass may need water daily to prevent it from drying, which will cause it to die or delay the rooting.


Quantity of water

In general, you should put 2 cm of water for the new grass to each application. The goal of irrigation is to moisten the whole carpet of grass, as well as the soil beneath it. For this, it takes a long application, not a brief irrigation, which may not reach enough depth to saturate the soil.


How much water

The beginning of the morning is the best time to water the grass. If you can’t water at that time, try the night after the sun if you don’t sprinkle in the middle of the day because a lot of water will evaporate. This means that the grass will not receive the necessary humidity, increasing the time necessary for it to establish itself, and perhaps even causing its death. Also, remember that many municipalities have regulations on the excessive use of water. Check your city’s rules.


Irrigation technique

Make sure that the entire surface of the grass receives water for each irrigation. You can achieve this by using various hoses and squirts, or by moving a splash periodically. You can measure the amount of grass water by placing empty cans on the edge of the lawn, in an area struck by the squirt. After the tin has 2.5 cm of water, the grass has already received the required quantity and you can go to another area.

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