What is Best Time to Water Tomatoes

What is Best Time to Water Tomatoes?

Best Time to Water Tomatoes

Drizzle regularly

During the summer months, it’s better to water your tomato every two or three days. According to the site Gardening Know How, you should water the plants at a regular time, and then decrease the quantity when the fruits are grown. Slowly drizzle plants through the roots.

Avoid watering too much and watering less

If you are not careful in watering your tomato evenly, it may have many problems. An irregular supply will cause root rot, or brown stains, water-soaked in the bottom of the tomatoes. A lot of water can also cause the skin of the fruit if it breaks. Watering less will stop the full potential of growing plants.

Starting point

The site Gardening Know How suggests that you drizzle the tomato plants with a hose on the roots to ensure maximum absorption and avoid a shortage of irrigation. Drizzle your plants on a schedule set to avoid watering too often, ruining the fruit. Remember that rain counts as irrigation, so do not exaggerate when adding moisture after a storm.

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