When do Potatoes go Bad?

When do Potatoes go Bad?

When do Potatoes go Bad


The potato (Solanum tuberosum), that functional tuber with culinary uses that can easily fill up a cookbook, from mashed mounds of potatoes and French fries to potato soup, is a staple in many a home. While potatoes tend to be harvested as annuals, they can be perennials that thrive in USA Section of Agriculture place hardiness areas 1 through 7. Whether you are growing or stocking potatoes, don’t allow these to freeze before you took proper precautions.


After harvest, you can store potatoes in an awesome, dry place, such as a cellar or a storage area, so long as the temps remain at least 40 certifications Fahrenheit. Store potatoes, unwashed in a dry out area that will not freeze; cleansing potatoes can reduce the tuber life-span during storage area. If potatoes freeze during storage area, throw them away while they remain ice to avoid a soupy clutter. When potatoes freeze, this particular in them individual from the starch, making them watery.


Uncooked potatoes aren’t designed to be stored in the refrigerator. Winter cause some types of potatoes too quickly convert starch into glucose and can cause crimson staining inside the potato. Chilly potatoes “fry dark,” this means the sugar in wintry potatoes caramelize when deep-fried providing a burnt appearance, although they are safe to consume. In the event that you boil, bake or microwave potatoes which were refrigerated raw, they don’t switch dark and you almost certainly will not spot the sweeter flavor.

Setting up Potatoes for Freezing

You could freeze potatoes if you put together them first. After harvest, scrub the potatoes, departing the skins unchanged. Potatoes require blanching before freezing, this means inserting them in boiling drinking water for a particular timeframe. Blanching time will depend on how big is potato chunks. For chunks smaller than 1 1/2 ins, blanch for four to six 6 minutes and 8 to ten minutes for chunks bigger than 1 1/2 inches. This heating up of the potatoes avoids the transformation of starch to glucose during freezing. Once potatoes cool, drain them and load up them for freezing.

Potato Plants

Potatoes growing in your garden cannot stand up to freezing conditions and must be guarded against the cool. If freezing heat is anticipated, cover 3- to 4-inches plants with earth and protect greater vegetation by covering them with freeze security textile. Once the weather warms take away the earth or covering. Underground tubers can stay in the dirt and dug as needed if protected well to safeguard them from sunlight; harvest all tubers prior to the first frost. – When do Potatoes go Bad

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