When is Acorn Squash Ready to Pick

When is Acorn Squash Ready to Pick –¬†Acorn Squash wins its name from its shape. The green, the ribbed squash has a golden orange flesh that develops an still sweet nutty flavor, once cooked. Although technically a summer squash like zucchini, the fruit develops in late summer and early autumn like winter squash. It also has a long shelf life, similar to most winter squash. The harvest at its maximum maturity ensures a better flavor and longer shelf life.

When is Acorn Squash Ready to Pick


  1. Check the bark of the pepper squash. Harvest the squash when the crust develops a smooth skin that becomes dull instead of shiny.
  2. Lift the squash gently, but do not yet detach it from the vine. Ripe squash feels heavy and firm, usually weighing between 3 and 5 lb
  3. Look at the spot on the pepper squash that was facing the Earth. A lighter ground spot develops in a yellow color once the peppery squash is mature, but remains a creamy color on the immature vegetables. The rest of the bark develops a green color with an orange or yellow blush.
  4. Cut through the vine with a sharp knife to harvest the pepper squash. Leave 1 to 2 inches from the vine attached to the squash.


Tips and warnings

Store pepper squash at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit in a dark place for one to two months. Use the squash before it develops soft spots or begins to shrivel.

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