White Spots on Cucumber Leaves: Is there any cause for Concern?

White Spots on Cucumber Leaves – Pepinos growth is often associated with a number of problems, in fact, and the plants themselves, and the fruit may be damaged by various pests, fungal diseases, bacterial or viral infections. Among the leading specialist reasons, commonly referred to as the wrong care of these vegetables. For example, to increase the humidity appears white rot, anthracnose, mildew, the roots begin to rot while. But low humidity promotes the development of mites. Also, they are often amazed melon aphids. In this case, the disease can develop rapidly both in the closed and in the open field.

White Spots on Cucumber Leaves


If you notice white patches on the cucumber leaves, then I know this can be a viral or fungal infection. For example, white mosaic to find greenhouse plants: in this disease in the cucumber leaves clearly distinguish star-shaped patches. With the development of the disease, the whole leaf may be white, but the veins remain green in it. The fruits are not formed, and if they grow, it looks very bad: they are mostly small and uneven. In addition, cucumber acquires a type of color, which consists of strips of yellow and white. If you notice the development of a disease of cucumbers in the greenhouse, ill fruit photo that is presented in the article, you definitely can not hurt. This will help you identify the disease in the future for a long time to remember its early symptoms.

Seeing white patches described in the cucumber leaves, it is not necessary to wait until the plant begins to bear fruit, it is better to destroy immediately. Of course, combating viral disease is difficult because, in principle, it is necessary to disinfect all equipment, containers, and instruments of a solution to 5% potassium permanganate. The remaining control measures are preventive: for sowing, it is best to take the summer 2-3 seeds that are soaked in a special strengthening booster. Do not forget about the rotation in greenhouses should cultivate the soil before sowing.

But the white spots on cucumber leaves can be a sign of mites, in which case they appear as spots, which will eventually lead to drying of the affected leaves. On the underside of the leaves, you will find the little visible web. In order to get rid of mites, you will need to collect all the affected leaves and burn them. In addition, the plant should be treated regularly with special chemicals – insecticides. So watch carefully to ensure that they were not around weeds.

But if you notice brownish dehiscent and white spots on cucumber leaves, that askohitoz. In this disease, a cucumber becomes like a stew, after some time, it can turn black and wither. This infection affects weak plants, which contributes to the development of moist air, and maintained its agent can be in the soil, seeds, and harvested crop residues.

Also, their cucumbers can beat and powdery mildew – it looks like white spots on the leaves. Over time, its entire surface is covered with plaque, which leads to the death of shoots and stalks.

If you decide to get involved in growing vegetables on the open or closed ground, it is best to know beforehand all kinds of cucumber diseases. And fighting with them (before and after photos can confirm the effectiveness of your application), by the way, can be very successful if you inspect the plant on a daily basis, they regularly treat and dispose of sick shoots.


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